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Football or soccer, doesn’t matter how you call it: the topic is BIG! In many countries it’s the most popular sport and its popularity is still increasing. In Australia and the USA for example, ask people if soccer was a big thing 20 years ago and people will say absolutely not. Football has grown a lot in the last couple of years. To name a few legends, Landon Donovan and Tim Cahill, they helped creating awareness of this beautiful sport among the people in the USA and Australia. The biggest sport event ever, the FIFA World Cup, makes it even more widely known and popular. Football has been invented officially in England, but has grown up in Brazil as they say. From whatever country you’re from, football fever is already there or it’s heading your way, it’s inevitable!

Okay, so how does this whole football thing work? There are so many tournaments for clubs and countries in all continents, it’s impossible to explain ALL of them (for now). We, the creators of this website have previously created That website ONLY discussed the FIFA World Cup. This website focuses not only on the World Cup or other FIFA tournaments, but on the BIGGEST continental tournaments as well. Each continent (South America, North/Central America, Europe, Africa, Asia and Oceania has its own football tournaments for clubs and countries.

3 FIFA tournaments, the biggest continental tournaments and the biggest club tournament the UEFA Champions League are the topics of Below you find the facts you really need to know about these tournaments. Click on the links to find out more information about a specific tournament. In the near future more FIFA tournaments, confederation tournaments and club tournaments will be included on the website!

Before we start with the facts, know that the upcoming tournament for countries is the 2015 Copa América starting on June 11!

So let’s go, here are the facts you really need to know about World Football:


World Football FIFA

  1. The International Federation of Association Football (FIFA) is the biggest football organisation
  2. The FIFA is responsible for the organisation of football’s major international tournaments
  3. The FIFA World Cup is the biggest and most famous tournament
  4. The FIFA Confederations Cup is is the 2nd most popular tournament
  5. The FIFA Confederations Cup is a small version of the World Cup (rehearsal for the World Cup)
  6. FIFA’s most popular club tournament is the FIFA Club World Cup
  7. The FIFA Club World Cup contains the champions of the Champions League of each continent
  8. FIFA however does not organise the continental or national tournaments, only international!
  9. FIFA has 6 organisations which are responsible for organising continental tournaments
  10. Such organisations are called confederations
  11. South America, North/Central America, Europe, Africa, Asia and Oceania have a confederation
  12. A confederation organises continental nation and club competitions (e.g. UEFA Euro and Champions League)
  13. The most known confederation is the UEFA, they regulate European football only
  14. The North/central America and Caribbean confederation is the CONCACAF
  15. The South American confederation is the CONMEBOL
  16. The African confederation is the CAF
  17. The Asian confederation is the AFC
  18. The Oceanian confederation is the OFC
  19. The countries of each continent are member of one of these confederations
  20. Such members are also called (national) associations
  21. An association is basically the same as a confederation, but only on national level
  22. So the Royal Dutch Football Association for example, is an association which regulates football in the Netherlands only
  23. The associations (also called federations) organise national club competitions in their countries (e.g. Premier League)
  24. FIFA has currently 209 national associations (209 countries) as members
  25. The international tournaments by FIFA +  continental tournaments by the confederations + national tournaments by the associations make the amount of football tournaments in the world pretty pretty high!

World Football FIFA confederations

FIFA World Cup

  • First time played: 1930
  • How many times played: 20
  • When organised: Every 4 years
  • Amount of teams: 32
  • Current champion: Germany
  • Next World Cup: 2018
  • Where: Russia
  • When: 14 June – 15 July
  • Who: Not yet confirmed

FIFA Confederations Cup

  • First time played: 1992 (as King Fahd Cup till 1995)
  • How many times played: 9
  • When organised: Every 4 years
  • Amount of teams: 8
  • Current champion: Brazil
  • Next Confederations Cup: 2017
  • Where: Russia
  • When: 17 June – 2 July
  • Who: Not yet confirmed, awaiting results of the continental tournaments mentioned below

FIFA Club World Cup

  • First time played: 2000
  • How many times played: 11
  • When organised: Every year
  • Amount of teams: 7
  • Current champion: Real Madrid
  • Next Club World Cup: 2015
  • Where: Japan
  • When: December 2015
  • Who: Not yet confirmed


World Football UEFA

  • The Union of European Football Associations (UEFA) has 54 national associations
  • The UEFA not only regulates football in Europe but part of Asia as well
  • UEFA’s biggest nation tournament is the European Championship (Euro)
  • UEFA’s biggest club tournament is the UEFA Champions League
  • All 54 members are allowed to play the Euro but 1 member is not allowed to play FIFA tournaments

UEFA European Championship

  • First time played: 1960
  • How many times played: 14
  • When organised: Every 4 years
  • Amount of teams: 24 (for the first time in 2016)
  • Current champion: Spain
  • Next Euro: 2016
  • Where: France
  • When: 10 June – 10 July
  • Who: Not yet confirmed

UEFA Champions League

  • First time played: 1955 (as European Champion Clubs’ Cup till 1991)
  • How many times played: 59
  • When organised: Every year
  • Amount of teams: 32
  • Current champion: Real Madrid
  • When 2014/2015 season: 16 September 2014 – 6 June 2015
  • Who: All 32 teams are known


World Football Concacaf

  • The Confederation of North, Central American and Caribbean Association Football (CONCACAF) has 41 national associations
  • CONCACAF’s biggest nation tournament is the CONCACAF Gold Cup
  • CONCACAF’s biggest club tournament is the CONCACAF Champions League
  • All 41 members are allowed to play the Gold Cup but 6 members are not allowed to play FIFA tournaments


  • First time played: 1991
  • How many times played: 12
  • When organised: Every 2 years
  • Amount of teams: 12
  • Current champion: United States
  • Next Gold Cup: 2015
  • Where: United States
  • When: 7 – 26 July
  • Who: All 12 teams are known


World Football Conmebol

  • The South American Football Confederation (CONMEBOL) has 10 national associations
  • South America’s biggest nation tournament is the Copa América
  • South America’s biggest club tournament is the Copa Libertadores de América
  • All 10 members are allowed to play the Copa América and FIFA tournaments

Copa América

  • First time played: 1916 (as Campeonato Sudamericano de Football till 1967)
  • How many times played: 43
  • When organised: Every 4 years
  • Amount of teams: 12
  • Current champion: Uruguay
  • Next Copa América: 2015
  • Where: Chile
  • When: 11 June – 4 July
  • Who: All 12 teams are known


World Football CAF

  • The Confederation of African Football (CAF) has 56 national associations
  • Africa’s biggest nation tournament is the Africa Cup of Nations (AFCON)
  • Africa’s biggest club tournament is the CAF Champions League
  • Of the 56 members only 2 are not allowed to play the AFCON and FIFA tournaments

Africa Cup of Nations (AFCON)

  • First time played: 1957
  • How many times played: 30
  • When organised: Every 2 years
  • Amount of teams: 16
  • Current champion: Ivory Coast
  • Next AFCON: 2017
  • Where: Gabon
  • When: January 2017
  • Who: Not yet confirmed


World Football AFC

  • Asian Football Confederation (AFC) has 47 national associations
  • Asia’s biggest nation tournament is the AFC Asian Cup
  • Asia’s biggest club tournament is the AFC Champions League
  • All 47 members are allowed to play the Asian Cup but 1 member is not allowed to play FIFA tournaments

AFC Asian Cup

  • First time played: 1956
  • How many times played: 16
  • When organised: Every 4 years
  • Amount of teams: 24
  • Current champion: Australia
  • Next Asian Cup: 2019
  • Where: UAE
  • When: January 2019
  • Who: Not yet confirmed


World Football OFC

  • Oceania Football Confederation (OFC) has 14 national associations
  • Oceania’s biggest nation tournament is the OFC Nations Cup
  • Oceania’s biggest club tournament is the OFC Champions League
  • Of the 11 members only 3 are not allowed to play the OFC Nations Cup and FIFA tournaments

OFC Nations Cup

  • First time played: 1973
  • How many times played: 9
  • When organised: Every 4 years
  • Amount of teams: 11
  • Current champion: Tahiti
  • Next Nations Cup: 2015
  • Where: Multiple, yet to be confirmed
  • When: 31 August 2015 – 15 November 2016
  • Who: All members except for non FIFA members Kiribati, Niue and Tuvalu

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